317 West Hill Street, Suite #101

Decatur, GA 30030

Your therapist will give you the code to the front door at the time your appointment is made. If you forget the code, you will need to telephone your therapist, and he/she may not be available until directly before or at your designated appointment time.


(At end of main hall near elevator) 

Stephanie Ezust                       Suite 101
404-371-9171  Ext. 1

Gus Kaufman                           Suite 101
404-371-9171  Ext. 2


(From front door, the staircase is located at end of a short hallway on the right or elevator is located at end of main hall).

Group Room:                           Suite 201 A(near elevator) 

We look forward to seeing you soon.


Welcome to our practice. We are located in the Oakhurst district of Decatur, south of the Decatur Square. Most on-line mapping services are accurate. GPS systems may reflect our location as “Scottish Rite Hospital.” Please contact any of us if you have additional questions about our office location. In addition to the directions posted below, your therapist may offer alternate routes based on your preferences and the time of day you will be traveling.

Free parking is available in the front or back of the building. There is no charge for parking. Handicap access is at the rear of the building; an elevator provides access to both floors. Restrooms are located in the hallways.

Additional note regarding locating our building: If you are coming from the Memorial Drive area, please note that South Candler Street does NOT intersect with East Hill. If you are coming from Scott Boulevard/Ponce de Leon, please note that the signs for East Lake Drive are only apparent BEFORE the actual intersection - it is not clearly marked once you are at the intersection. This is a delta-shaped intersection with a stop light.